Join Royal Protection Program and Become a Royal Client

Royal Protection Program is an optional feature providing our customers with extra care and protection when purchasing from our store. Become a Royal Client and experience proper royal treatment! 

How Does It Work?

Priority Support Line

  • Royal Clients always come first. As a Royal Client, your every question or issue is prioritized and answered immediately. Moreover, Royal Protection Program guarantees an instant response from our customer service team in your native language.

Lifetime Purchase Protection

  • Each customer can count on instant delivery within a secure environment. Additionally, Royal Clients get a lifetime warranty on purchased keys. Regardless of your purchase date, you will be provided with a new key in case of any issues. 

Your pre-orders come first

  • As a Royal Client, each pre-ordered software or game will be sent to you as a priority. Your order will always come first! Therefore, you can enjoy a newly released game or software before most users!

The Best Customer Support

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